6th Local Selection Panel with Candidate Esra Assery

Endeavor Saudi Arabia’s 6th Local Selection Panel (LSP) took place on July 11th 2017 in Riyadh. The LSP is a big step for local companies hoping to become Endeavor Entrepreneurs and to be part of a global network that expands their access to mentoring, talent and capital, among other targeted services to help them develop and scale.

Candidate entrepreneur Esra Assery, Founder of eTree,  joined the 6th Local Selection Panel, the final step at the local level in the Endeavor selection process. Esra pitched her business and showed leadership qualities to two panelists including Haitham Alforaih, Principal of Amwal Al-Khaleej, and Mohammed Aljasser, Managing Director of Inma Technologies.
Esra pitching eTree to panelists
After the interview, panelists deliberate and vote on whether the company is ready to move on to the final stage of the selection process or still needs further assessing and work. The participating candidate had already passed a series of “Second Opinion Reviews”: one-on-one meetings with various Endeavor network members. The selection process aims to add value for the candidates by providing them with networking opportunities, helping them to demonstrate their pitching capabilities, and getting valuable feedback from business leaders.
Panelists filling the assessment sheet
Despite the high stakes of the event, the LSP’s candidate delivered a good presentation of her businesses and tried to exhibit her entrepreneurial maturity by handling some intense Q&A sessions with poise. At the end, eTree was selected to move onto the international phase (the fourth and last stage of the selection process) and will attend the International Selection Panel in New York, which will be held in September 2017.