The 3rd Revive Riyadh Focuses on Women in Business

Endeavor Saudi Arabia hosted the 3rd Revive Riyadh for Women in Business on Sunday 30th July, 2017 in collaboration with Small and Medium Enterprises Authority (SMEA), Glowork and Allure Hub. Revive Riyadh aims to provide a knowledge-sharing platform by bringing together an inspiring and thought provoking group of speakers to share their experience and knowledge. The Women in Business panel has attracted 70+ leading entrepreneurs and professionals. Distinguished speakers on the panel include:
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Speakers sharing their experience and insights during Revive Riyadh
The session was skillfully moderated by Ms. AlSyead to allow the audience to explore ways and challenges of launching and running a business as a woman. As Ms. Aldukheil shared her story of joining her family business. She highlighted that women need to prove themselves twice over and that they need to speak up and ask for what they want. Moving to how Ms. Alwalaan, a selected Endeavor Entrepreneur, started her first business at the age of 16 and the journey of establishing and scaling her company Yatooq. Ms. Tawfiq, in return, shared some key pieces of advice for young female entrepreneurs that they need to believe in themselves and get mentorship.
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Full house of eager attendees
The audience got the opportunity to engage with the speakers in an interactive Q&A session to explore various points related to challenges and opportunities for female entrepreneurs as the panel advised that today is “Golden Time” to start a business.