The 4th Revive Sharqiya Focuses on Fintech

Endeavor Saudi Arabia, August 19th, 2017 – Saudi entrepreneurs and experts in Fintech discussed the future of technology in financial services during the 4th edition of #ReviveSharqiya meetup. The event was organized by Endeavor Saudi Arabia, Wamda and Global Shapers Khobar Hub, part of the World Economic Forum community, and took place at Al Turki Business Tower in Dhahran. The talk featured participants The event attracted 70+ active business community leaders, mentors and startup enthusiasts from Saudi Arabia. Guests and attendees joined the discussion during a Q&A session to follow, which included suggestions on best ways to support the growth of Fintech advancements and practices in Saudi Arabia.   IMG_1032   The session was skillfully moderated by Trey Geode head of Portfolio Management at Aramco Entrepreneurship Ventures. Discussions were around defining Fintech and how it is beyond payment gateways as Abdulaziz Al Jouf discussed in his comments, also Abdullah Al-Tammami emphasized that Fintech should be revived in terms of legislation to be integrated with various applications in the kingdom. Jassim Al-Haroon advised that founders should think beyond the common Fintech sphere and tap into undermined opportunities such as invoices collection streamlining. Revive is a series of events that take place in different regions of the kingdom and tackles different verticals such as Education, ICT, Media and others through thought-provoking panel discussions   IMG_1073   The community event provided a knowledge-sharing platform and allows the audience to participate in highly interactive and engaging sessions. The event invites successful entrepreneurs, leading mentors and advocates from Endeavor’s network locally. The last event took place in Riyadh and discussed Women in Business.   IMG_1102   IMG_1226   Commenting on the 4th edition of Revive; Bader Alzahrani, Managing Director of Endeavor Saudi Arabia explained why Endeavor selected this topic? Since there are a lot of advancements worldwide around the blockchain and ease of transactions from the consumer level,  local community needs to be aware of the latest technological trends in that aspect and examples of entrepreneurs who are in this scene. Also, since Saudi Arabia has a high internet penetration and consumer base; e-commerce applications will maximize their efficiency if the optimum and reliable Fintech technologies are adopted in their value chain”.   IMG_1250   The event also showcased the great partnership between Endeavor Saudi Arabia, part of a worldwide network that supports high-impact entrepreneurs movement, Wamda and Global Shapers Khobar Hub. It looked to support the growth of the business ecosystem and help aspiring young businesses grow and learn during a dedicated event.