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Endeavor Saudi Welcomes a New Endeavor Entrepreneur

Endeavor Saudi Arabia joined the 71st International Selection Panel (ISP) held 15-17 May, 2017 in London, with one candidate Abdulaziz AlJouf, Founder and CEO of PayTabs, payment processing company. At the ISP, the final stage of the selection process, top international business leaders interview candidate entrepreneurs and deliberate candidates’ eligibility to join the Endeavor Network.  Read more   
المشاركين في المعسكر التدريبي

Launching the 2017 Endeavor Saudi Fast Forward Boot Camp and Investor Day

Endeavor Saudi Arabia launched the 2017 Fast Forward Program in collaboration with leading organizations in the ecosystem. The Fast Forward Program is dedicated to drive high-growth businesses to achieve sustainable levels of progress through boot camp training and discussions with industry experts in the growth capital and investments. The Program include the following: Boot Camp (19-21 March), Prince  Read more   
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4th Local Selection Panel for London’s ISP Candidates

Endeavor Saudi Arabia’s 4th Local Selection Panel (LSP) took place on March 9th, 2017 at Alturki Business Park in the Eastern Province. The LSP is a big step for local companies hoping to become Endeavor Entrepreneurs and to be part of a global network that expands their access to mentoring, talent and capital, among other targeted services  Read more   

Endeavor’s 3rd Majlis Discussing Corporate Governance

04/08/2016 Endeavor Saudi Arabia 3rd Majlis was hosted by our Chairman, Rami Alturki, on Monday August 1st at Alturki Business Park in the Eastern Province. We were honoured to have Mr. Saleh Hussain as a guest speaker. Mr. Hussain has over 37 years of experience in various banking fields in the region, Asia Pacific and  Read more   

Local Selection Panel for Boston’s ISP Candidates

21/06/2016 Endeavor Saudi Arabia kicked off its 3rd Local Selection Panel (LSP) on June 20th. LSP is a big step for local companies hoping to become Endeavor Entrepreneurs, part of a global network that expands their access to mentoring, talent and capital, among other targeted services to help them develop and scale. During the 3rd  Read more   

Endeavor’s 2nd Majlis

19/05/2016 Endeavor Saudi Arabia had its 2nd Majlis of this year on Wednesday 18th May in Riyadh at the GloworkOffice, an Endeavor company specializes in women recruitment and empowerment through the job marketplace in the GCC. This Majlis was hosted by Glowork founder and Endeavor entrepreneur Khalid Alkhudair, who shared exciting news with the network members about Glowork new journey in male recruitment. The Endeavor Majlis is an event that has been recently launched  Read more   

1st Impact Report of Endeavor KSA

04/02/2016 The 2014-2015 Endeavor KSA Impact Report is now available. Our 1st Impact Report for this year features Endeavor KSA achievements in the Kingdom, updated profiles on Endeavor KSA Entrepreneurs, vibrant new visuals of Endeavor’s impact and highlights of key milestones from the past year. View the digital report by clicking HERE and learn more  Read more   

Endeavor KSA at Youth Business Exhibition

03/12/2015 As part of our ongoing initiative to grow our local network, Endeavour KSA participated at the Youth Business Exhibition & Forum held in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The forum provides an opportunity to Saudi’s economical community, big corporations and business men/women to discover, learn and support the growing businesses and products of  Read more