Lateefa Al-Waalan

Founder of Yatooq

Lateefa Al-Waalan

I saw an opportunity to take the tradition of Arabic coffee to a global audience.”.

Company : Yatooq
Country : Saudi Arabia
Interest : Food & Beverage
Selection Year : 2014
Website : Yatooq

About the company

Yatooq, a Saudi Arabian company founded by Lateefa Alwalaan in 2011, makes it easier and faster to brew Arabic coffee, a spicy coffee central to all social gatherings in places like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the UAE. When made traditionally, Arabic coffee takes 20-30 minutes to prepare and requires over ten steps, and numerous ingredients to complete. Yatooq’s coffee brewer and Arabic coffee blend reduce brew time (75%) and effort required while consistently producing delicious Arabic coffee.