Loai Naseem

Founder of Lomar

Loai Naseem

I saw an opportunity to transform traditional Saudi thobe into bold fashion statements through innovative designs”.

Company : Lomar
Country : Saudi Arabia
Interest : Fashion
Selection Year : 2012
Website : Lomar

About the company

The thobe, a traditional, robe-like garment worn by Arab men for centuries, is coming into the modern era thanks to Lomar, a Saudi fashion house led by designer Loai Naseem. Fed up with the shapeless, uniform cloth he was required to wear for myriad business and social occasions, Loai decided to apply his eye for design to create more comfortable and trendy options for Arab men. Lomar has overcome resistance from those who did not believe in modernizing the thobe and has established its position as a leading men’s traditional luxury brand since opening its first showroom in 2005.