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PayTabs is an innovative new economy payment solution made to simplify online payment processes for both buyer and seller. Paytabs Services offers a hassle-free, safe and secure online payment system catered strongly for small-and-medium-sized enterprises. This allows them to implement credit and debit payments for their goods and services at reasonable rates to further grow their business. PayTabs also caters to businesses such as telecommunication and airline companies. It has a PCI-DSS compliant built-in third-party fraud prevention system.


AlJouf is currently the chief executive officer and founder of PayTabs Holding Company. Abdulaziz is a serial entrepreneur with projects such as PayTabs, SaleTab, and ExTabs and others. He studied ecommerce as a major in his university days, which was aligned with his keen interest in entrepreneurship. Abdulaziz started PayTabs because he believed that revolutionising the eCommerce industry in the Middle East and North African region is the ‘next big thing’. PayTabs has since gained recognition in the industry as an ‘Enterprise Agility Achiever’, as the ‘Payment Solution of the Year’ at the KSA Enterprise Agility Awards: Entrepreneur of the Year, in 2015 amongst other accolades. Also, both PayTabs and Abdulaziz have been featured in internationally renowned magazines such Forbes and Entrepreneur on numerous occasions.