Entrepreneurs since 2012
Million SR Revenues Generated in 2015
Average Revenue Growth
High Quality Jobs Created

Meet Our Entrepreneurs

Meet Our Entrepreneurs

Endeavor’s network of entrepreneurs transform economies, fuel job creation and inspire future genera

Endeavor Model



Institutions and business leaders bring the Endeavor model and pledge their time and money to support the local office.



Through a rigorous, multi-step select process, Endeavor screen thousands of entrepreneurs to select the best talent



Once selected, entrepreneurs are provided with comprehensive unparalleled array of demand –driven services and programs.



Endeavors entrepreneurs transform the social norms around entrepreneurship and inspire future generations to innovate , take risk ,and “think big”.



Endeavor was founded as an organization of, by and for entrepreneurs.

By reinvesting and paying – it – forward in different ways , Endeavors Entrepreneurs expand the impact of the network.


"At Endeavor, we aim to support entrepreneurs and scale-up their businesses, which will result in greater impact through more job creation and inspiration of future high-impact entrepreneurs"

Rami Alturki
Endeavor Saudi Arabia Chairman

"Endeavor has leveraged the monitoring process which is valuable and very much appreciated by the young entrepreneurs"

Abdulaziz Al-Tamami
iNet Co-founder & Executive Consultant

"As an Endeavor entrepreneur, I’ve been connected with successful mentors, leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide. I have had the chance to attend numerous Endeavor events and programs; they were always insightful and had a high impact on my leadership skills and the growth of my company"

Abdulmohsin Al-Rabiah
CEO of Shawarmer

"Powerful mentoring undoubtedly inspires and drives entrepreneurs to achieve ultimate business success. Through its cultivated alumni of professionals, Endeavor has helped entrepreneurs make better decisions in accelerating business growth, and has been a contributive factor in developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Kingdom"

Haitham Al-Foraih
Principal at Amwal AlKhaleej



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  • Jan 16 2017
    1 Endeavor_e_teal_ring
    To view the 10th issue of Endeavor Saudi Magazine, a recap of the top network news and updates, please click here. Reminder: To receive our newsletters by email, please subscribe to our mailing list here.
  • Dec 14 2016
    14/12/2016 Endeavor Saudi Arabia has published its first infographic video that summarizes Endeavor’s role and impact in the Kingdom. The video features the main facts and figures of how high-impact entrepreneurs can help drive the country’s economy and entrepreneurial ecosystem. The idea behind the video was to showcase the effect that Endeavor tries to create  Read more   
  • Nov 7 2016
    07/11/2016 Endeavor Saudi Arabia hosted the 2nd Revive Riyadh for ICT Tribe on Sunday 27th November at Allure Hub. Revive Riyadh aims to bring together several keynote speakers to analyze various topics from different angles through thought-provoking panel discussions. The event provides a knowledge-sharing platform and allows the audience to engage with the speakers. Revive Riyadh invites successful entrepreneurs, leading mentors and  Read more